Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Morocco, Essaouira

Whilst staying at Marrakech we visited a place called Essaouira, which is situated on the coast of Morocco roughly 2hrs 23minutes away from Marrakech. Obviously, if is on the coastal side we expect beaches and sand (: 
Me and my boyfriend arrived at the beach and visited the tamed souks of this city. We purchased many souveniers as we found it much easier to shop in these conditions. Seeing the sea, eating by the sea, and watching the boats in the sea was tranquil and beautiful. It still held its culture amongst a whole new view.

White boat by the seaside

 Souks of Essaouira 

Spice bags in the souks

Less crowded souks 

The famous castle used in Game of Thrones 

Seagulls of Essaouira

Seaside Rocks

Seaside walks