Thursday, 14 May 2015

Pizza is life

Me and my boyfriend are both vegetarian and pizza always seems to be something we both will defo eat. We can always count on pizza, so heres my top five pizza restaurants. All the pizza restaurants listed however are based in London, so if you are ever in london give them a try. I will note down a website and rating (:

1. Franco Manca

Sourdough pizza how yummy! I usually visit the one on Northcote in clapham but there are so many scattered around. This place is affordable, fast and extremely yummy. I usually bag myself a Margharita Pizza for 6quid and I am never disappointed!


2. Pizza Metro

a pizza? one metre long? yes. It is absolutely fantastic. This place is off clapham junction and is a lovely place to eat. Share a metre long pizza with a friend and enjoy!


3. Rossopomodoro 

Very italian! thin luscious pizzas, this pizza is unlike the others.It is extremely thin and flavoursome. This is a chain restaurant and the only think that knocks it down is the price.


4. Pizza express

if you don't know, stick to what you do. Pizza express will always be a safe option in terms of pizza. it was the first thin pizza i ever tried and defo contributed to my pizza addiction!


5. Piazza

this cute little italian restaurant is situated beside leicester square tube station, I don't know whether the reasoning behind putting this on the top 5 list is because it was mine and daniels restaurant when we first got together or whether it was because it was amazingly good! but it defo is somewhere worth trying out if you are looking for a less busy restaurant in the busy streets of central london.


6. Bravi Ragazzi

Favourite pizza place to date. I visited this recently (will be making a separate review soon!) and it was one of the best pizzas ever. It was cheap and delicious. Do I need to say more?