Thursday, 18 June 2015

My WANT list (:



Okay, I have been banging on about a big black floppy hat for so long now. It is the top of my WANT list. It gives such elegance and class to outfits but is such a confident piece. Isearched everywhere, I have extremely thick hair and a lot of it on my head therefore a big round top was a necessity. Then I found the most perfect one in Topshop. 

However its not a surprise that this hat was priced for £28. Its a pretty amazing hat but in my opinion I do not think its worthy of being priced that high! So i continued on my search for the perfect priced perfect hat. 

I did not have to look too far. I found an extremely nice Fedora hat on eBay. eBay deserves so much more credit than it does.  I found this hat and there was so many suppliers to buy from. I am currently watching the one I want before I place a bid and grab it! A part from the thick buckle the hat is not much different! The prices ranged from £3-£13


I have never really been a fan of three-quarter length trousers or anything that sits mid way between my thighs and carves. I am quite short and my legs are quite muscular/curvy. Therefore I have never really wanted to cause emphasis around that area. These however are so suited for all types of body shapes. It is quite flattering if you ask me. I have decided to add this too my want list as they definitely are a yes go this summer. Can never really go wrong with black, although this beauties that I spotted in Bershka are so beautiful!

3. Pocketless Shorts

I ordered these last week because I needed a pair of shorts I could wear on a night out and on a casual day. I think these are extremely cute. These were on my want list for so long. And BAM. They are now part of my wardrobe for only 6pounds from forever21. I will be posting how these beauties look soon so stay tuned. 


I need these. these seem like the most comfortable and stylish summer shoes. And are defo on my list I am hoping to get them before I go turkey. They are easier to just slip on anywhere you may go. Go eBay.


I have fallen in love with these babies from public desire. I am so used to fan girling over the thin heeled versions but I have finally found ones with a thick block heel and I am actually lovestruck. I need these in my life!!!