Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Fashion Post

Hiya guys!! Heres another turkey fashion post. Ignore the beach hair! but heres another casual but dressy outfit I wore for a night out in this beautiful hot country. I decided to pair this open back white top with a bodycon denim skirt. YES, i did get the shoes just in time before turkey and they are amazing and comfortable!

White Chiffon Open Back Top: Bershka - £7.99
Denim Body Con Skirt: Bershka- £3.00
Snake Print Black Plimsolls- £12.00

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Fashion Post

My first night in Turkey and I decided to dress casual but classy. I decided to attempt to make black summery and I don't think i was unsuccessful with this light and open crop and my sandals! I put this together and it was extremely cheap yet acceptable. What do you think?

Black Bardot Style Crop: Bershka- £3.99
Tiled circle monochrome skirt: Primark- £3
Black And White Flatform Sandals: PrettyLittleThing- £10
Black Scrunch Bag: Primark- £4  

Fethiye, Turkey

 Hey guys, I am back from Turkey with loads more posts. I have been quite shit recently with uploading due to having so much going on. But this is what I have been up too. I went to turkey with my friends and got up to some amazing things. It was beautiful, adventurous and stress- relieving. 

How amazing is this view? STUNNING. I took a risk and decided to go paragliding with one of my friends and Its an experience I defo am not going to regret. It was exhilarating and absolutely fantastic. It was a fright driving 6550ft high and making that jump but was life changing and worth it! You can see the beautiful clean waters of the blue lagoon.

When I am not jumping off mountains I am relaxing with views like this. Turkey is filled with amazing chill spots and fun packed bars. But this is definitely my favourite bar. It was called Buzz Bar and was located on the strip of Olu deniz. It was beachside and nothing is better than enjoying a cold beverage with mountains this close too you!

Walking on to the beach of olu deniz. This beach is not the famous blue lagoon however it was so chilling. Having shisha and watching the sunset was simply one of the most beautiful parts of this holiday Never have I experienced something like this. Disconnecting from the world (NO WIFI!) and just sitting on colourful bean bags beside the sea.

We enjoyed shisha and chilled till it got dark and the blue lights shone. The atmosphere was really different. I am used to enjoying shisha in a crummy restaurant in london and this was just amazing.

How great is this! Our driver on our excursion, stopped by to allow us to capture the views of this spot and I was lucky enough to be able to capture its beauty. The photo does not do it justice!!

Look what I found! If you have checked my previous posts you will know why this makes me so happy! I love good old colourful umbrellas. This was just like del mercado near london bridge but lighter and in a hotter place. This was located in the city Fethiye which was placed above clothing stores. 

On the coasts of fethiye is the beautiful harbour. You get to see boats being docked and the sunset as you enjoy one of the many restaurants that are lined up beside the harbour.  

As we when on a jeep safari which was literally the funnest thing! there were 8 open roof jeeps driving to several stops. Everyone had buckets of water and water guns and we water fought throughout the entire day. We got to go to old caves, waterfalls, a gorge, mud baths and view some natural beauties. 

This is an embarrassing photo of me in the mud bath! it was the most weirdest thing but it made my skin smooth and it was fun! the excursion leader attacked us all and stuck leaves on my head! haha

Epheus. This was an absolute trek to reach but when we did it was SO GOOD. Never have I seen something like this filled with history and meaning. It was just incredible standing on the remains of an old roman theatre. Defo worth a visit if you go to pammakule!

Pammakule. This means cotton castle. This was located on a very high cliff made from calcuim remains forming white rocks with pool-like dips. It was so nice to walk through and it was positioned with the view of this entire town! I loved it.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Things I Want To Do Before I Die

Swim with a Pink Dolphin
I would like to be able to swim with a dolphin once in my lifetime but I would LOVE to swim with a pink one. How amazing would it be, it would be so magical. I never knew they existed until a few months back when I stumbled across images on the net. So I tracked the location of these beautiful creatures and found out that they live in the waters of Singapore. Therefore this is a must. 

Take a selfie with a Gorilla
I love gorillas, I think they are amazing. They are so funny looking and cuddly. I would love to be able to take a photograph with a gorilla. It would be fantastic and a picture worth framing. I am pretty sure taking a photo with me is also on his to do list (;

Climb a mountain 
i just want to be on top of the world. or how about just higher than everyone else for once haha. Climbing a mountain would be an absolute trek, however chilling on the top would be a dream. Its all  about good company, I would love to share this moment with someone just like me.

I am a total wimp but once I want to do something and I do it once, I crave the thrill again. So I would love to try sky-diving once and see whether its something I would repeat over and over. The feeling would be incredible. wind blowing and just would be carefree. That is a feeling I want to feel as I spend half of my time being a stress freak.

A hot water balloon during sunset. 
After looking at pictures of the beautiful Cappadocia it has to be on my list. I would absolute love to be in the sky looking down over land and amidst the gentle winds and the heat of the sunset. It would be so amazing. I would mind a glass of white zinfandel rose whilst I'm up there either!

Crazy bar crawl abroad 
I am a secret partier and haven't really had the chance to party the way I would wish too. Ive always wanted to party and go on a crazy bar crawl with a partner or friend and just make my way down a new strip and just have one other person getting hammered with me.and watch the sunrise the next morning!