Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Things I Want To Do Before I Die

Swim with a Pink Dolphin
I would like to be able to swim with a dolphin once in my lifetime but I would LOVE to swim with a pink one. How amazing would it be, it would be so magical. I never knew they existed until a few months back when I stumbled across images on the net. So I tracked the location of these beautiful creatures and found out that they live in the waters of Singapore. Therefore this is a must. 

Take a selfie with a Gorilla
I love gorillas, I think they are amazing. They are so funny looking and cuddly. I would love to be able to take a photograph with a gorilla. It would be fantastic and a picture worth framing. I am pretty sure taking a photo with me is also on his to do list (;

Climb a mountain 
i just want to be on top of the world. or how about just higher than everyone else for once haha. Climbing a mountain would be an absolute trek, however chilling on the top would be a dream. Its all  about good company, I would love to share this moment with someone just like me.

I am a total wimp but once I want to do something and I do it once, I crave the thrill again. So I would love to try sky-diving once and see whether its something I would repeat over and over. The feeling would be incredible. wind blowing and just would be carefree. That is a feeling I want to feel as I spend half of my time being a stress freak.

A hot water balloon during sunset. 
After looking at pictures of the beautiful Cappadocia it has to be on my list. I would absolute love to be in the sky looking down over land and amidst the gentle winds and the heat of the sunset. It would be so amazing. I would mind a glass of white zinfandel rose whilst I'm up there either!

Crazy bar crawl abroad 
I am a secret partier and haven't really had the chance to party the way I would wish too. Ive always wanted to party and go on a crazy bar crawl with a partner or friend and just make my way down a new strip and just have one other person getting hammered with me.and watch the sunrise the next morning!